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Hire our strippers give the most exhilarating shows to send your buck off in style! Combining a strip off from costume to nude and a very sexy lap dance that you can’t get at a strip club. Want it more humiliating? Go the dominatrix route and put him in his place or go for something less embarrassing and a bit more sensual, stick with purely r-rated fun!

Our strippers will choose the buck, or a lucky volunteer to entertain while all your mates look on and cheer! There is something for everyones tastes and you can even add a second showgirl for a lesbian show! If your buck is getting married, you have to send him off in style. View our Sydney Strippers, Gold Coast Strippers, Melbourne Strippers or combine our Waitressing services for an unforgettable night of the best party staff! Book now.

R-Rated Show Solo


The traditional crowd pleaser! A drop dead gorgeous stripper will arrive and change into a cheeky costume (be sure to request your favourite theme!. Your gorgeous performer will start to dance & very sexily strip off her costume to the first layer.

Then it’s time for some fun for the buck – fun for who? The crowd will surely have some good natured ribbing of the bucks and laughs will be had by all. He may get a little embarrassed but this is balanced out by a very sensual lap dance with a fully nude stunner!

$50 Dominatrix Upgrade
15-20 Minutes Length

X-Rated Show Solo


Our most popular show, our gorgeous stripper will arrive, change into a fun costume. Lights, music, stripping down completely! The buck or birthday boy then enjoys some quality face to face time in a lap dance. Our showgirl has a few tricks up her sleeve to get some laughs from the crowd as she takes control.

This show is everything the R-rated show is but upgraded.. to include the use of toys and extra time for some unforgettable stunts, sure to be brought up as male bonding memories for years to come.

$50 Dominatrix Upgrade
20-25 Minutes Length

R Rated Lesbian Double Show


Both girls each perform a R Rated Show together! All the goodness of a R show but with an extra performer. As a result, this not only gives you the bonus of two attractive nude strippers, but also interactions between them, your crowd and the buck. Doubles must be booked in advance due to performers schedules – don’t miss out!

20-25 Minutes

X Rated Lesbian Double Show


The ultimate best send off EVER. This is for the party that wants to be remembered. This is pure hedonistic luxury for the luckiest guys – a double helping of our sexy showgirls – this will include toys (vibe) and added interaction with each other, the audience and most importantly, the man of the hour. excessive hedonistic bliss, obviously not for the feint of heart. 

25-30 Minutes

Strippers - Bucks Party Nude Lap Dance Shows

R-Rated Show vs X-Rated Show:
Whats the difference?

Both are a full nude lap dance strip, performed in front of your seated buck and a crowd. The stripper has a costume and a choregraphed dance to music. 20-25 minutes long. Fine for mixed crowds and ages.

The X-Rated show extends for an extra 5-10 minutes and has the addition of a small vibrator toy, making it unforgettable. Make sure everyone in the group is comfortable, and sit back, enjoy!

Meet our Vixen Bucks Party Strippers

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