Should You Book a Bucks Party Stripper? Yes

Bucks Party Celebrations – Get the Ultimate Party Experience with a Stripper Show

Saying goodbye to the single life is a big step and what better way to send off the groom-to-be with a bang than with a bucks party stripper celebration that will go down in history? A Bucks Party Stripper show is the perfect way to do just that. Our strippers offer a unique blend of stripping and lap dances that will leave your buck (and the rest of your mates) thoroughly entertained and satisfied. Whether you want a show that is purely R-rated or you’re looking for a more X Rated Dominatrix experience, we have a show to suit every taste. And, if you really want to go all out, why not book a lesbian double show? Don’t miss out and get FOMO! Make memories instead!

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R-Rated Show vs X-Rated Show: What’s the Big Difference?

So you’re trying to decide between the R-Rated and X-Rated shows for your buck’s party, huh? Well, let me break it down for you. Both Bucks Party Stripper options include a full-frontal lap dance performed by a stripper in costume, with music and choreography to set the mood. An R-Rated show has got all the good stuff, but if you have some older family members like Fathers or Uncles in the crowd, this might suit better.

But if you want to turn up the heat, the X-Rated show is the way to go! You’ll get an extra 5-10 minutes of tantalizing entertainment, complete with the addition of a trusty vibrator toy to take things to the next level. Just make sure everyone in the group is on board before you sit back and enjoy the show!

Customised Stripper Shows Available

We are often asked if the showgirls take requests – and most often they do! If you’d like to make your show more tame for a mixed crowd or older guests, if you’d like to add on a dominatrix option to make it more humiliating or funny for your buck or birthday guy. If you have certain costumes, songs or themes you’d like to see – we can definitely arrange the perfect performance for your events needs with plenty of notice!

Communicate about Consent with our Showgirls

Our strippers can also double check with you, the clients beforehand about what the buck or birthday boy is comfortable with. It’s a quick, consent based conversation that can be done while the money is being sorted and helps our showgirls out to deliver the best experience for your group. Don’t sign the lucky guy up to anything he wouldn’t want and communicate any off limit acts to the showgirl on her arrival.
if you’ve requested a specific Dom show you should tell your guest of honour so they know what is involved and that they are up for it. On rare occasion, you might not want some of the showgirls usual props or tricks. Showgirls come prepared with different shows in mind and can change on the fly to suit your needs. Remember: a lot of the Bucks Party Stripper tricks are simply that! Illusions.

When it comes to throwing your memorable event, you want to make sure you’ve got the right entertainment for your mate’s last big night out. Hosting a private strip show in is the perfect way to entertain the buck and all of your mates and give you something to talk about later. At Vixens, we know the perfect complimentary entertainment is our Topless Waitresses for your buck – so we have Bucks Party Packages to make it easier to book all your entertainment at once. Send your booking enquiry to us now.

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Should You Book a Bucks Party Stripper? Yes
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