How to book Waitresses & Strippers for your Bucks Party

Keep it simple & book easily with Vixens. Follow the steps below.

How to Book Waitresses and Strippers Vixens

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:

$100 –


Required Tools:

A Computer or Mobile Device
Mobile Device

Things Needed?

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Quinn D Waitress Sydney NSW
What do you want out of the night?

Step 1

If you are organising a bucks you need to research what kind of activity, venue and vibe you’d like. Most private venues we have worked with are okay with Strippers & Waitresses as long as you are booked in a private room and have asked their permission! This includes hotels, pubs & karaoke.

How to Book Waitresses and Strippers Vixens
What is your budget?

Step 2

Figure out your budget for Strippers & Waitress entertainment. Remember good entertainment doesn’t come cheap! We have some very fair prices & packages to make your night easier. For waitresses we recommend 10 guys: 1 girl. An average budget for 20 guys is about $65pp which would be our ‘Night Sorted’ package of 2 Waitresses for 3 hours & a X-rated nude show by a stripper.

How to Book Waitresses and Strippers Vixens
Pick your Waitresses & Strippers

Step 3

View our gorgeous Sydney Waitresses & Sydney Strippers to get an idea of the beautiful girls we have available. We have plenty more non-advertised girls that will apply for your job once you send an enquiry.

How to Book Waitresses and Strippers Vixens
Send your booking enquiry

Step 4

Take all the information for your event and send an enquiry it to us in our easy to use google form. We will get back to you ASAP with a quote and available girls photos.

❛ I’ve never booked this sort of thing before, Thanks for making it so simple and easy. My mates will be using you in the future. ❜

Ryan H.

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