Work: Become a Topless Waitress or Bucks Stripper

Looking for work as a Lingerie, Topless or Bikini Waitress? Vixens is the best agency to work for. We are knowledgable and experienced in the industry, we champion health & safety of our workers and we attract high value clients that want the best quality girls.

Vixens prefers to contract the services of girls previously experienced in any type of sex industry work (only fans, other waitressing gigs, strip club, parlours). If you are just starting out, we recommend having experience to gain confidence and perfect your hustle.

As we have a lot of existing contacts within the industry, we are currently only looking for vixens that are happy to have a profile on this website. When you sign up you are in complete control of the use of your image on our site, on social media, we also send profile reminders and we can pull down your profile same day if you’d like to go on a break or if you leave the industry. We understand it’s frustrating for both waitresses and clients when photos are out of date.

If you want to make money, surround yourself with like minded people and have the specific set of skills that this industry requires, please apply below through our google form. Current profile upload time: 7 day turnaround.

What is a Bucks Party Topless Waitress?

Topless Waitress $150ph

The 3 B’s: Body, Banter, Beers!

Think: a great body to admire (lingerie, topless or even nude!) good banter between your waitress and the guests and beers (or any other drinks), that you would like served to you while you sit back and relax.

They are also called Lingerie Waitresses, Bikini Waitresses, Topless Waitresses & Nude Waitresses and can even be the Poker Dealers! You can book our girls for boat cruises, bucks parties, divorce parties, birthday parties, christmas parties, karaoke nights, poker nights, boys nights & hotel after parties. Our vixens can waitress in any venue, with owners permission.

Nude Waitress $250ph

Want a private lap dance? Skip the strip club & let the lappies come to you! Some of our topless waitresses also offer this service. Send us a booking enquiry to see all the girls available for your party!

What does a Bucks Stripper Do?

You can’t have a bucks, birthday or boys night without a fun stripper show!

R-Rated Bucks Stripper Show – $400

Shows include choreographed dancing, physical tricks, a full nude strip, some special attention for the bachelor or birthday boy and a sexy lap dance! All shows are performed by professionals in front of your guests, in a dedicated space. Want to make it raunchier? Upgrade from an R-rated show with all of the above to X-rated.

X-Rated Bucks Stripper Show – $500

The main difference between R-rated & X-rated is the additional use of a small vibrator toy & 10 extra hot minutes in their choreographed routine! Phones, entering the space or touching the performer without instruction are prohibited during this time. All attention should be on the lucky guy!